[PK Link] Behind the scenes of Olympus Pen 48hrs movie challenge

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interesting competition supported by Olympus.

The interesting about this workshop or one of the movie festival is that the speakers share a lot on how the movie can be done in terms of technicality as well as real behind the scenes shooting.

Just hope some major camera brand will make this happen more in South East Asia region.

click more to view the video as well as winning entry.

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First touch . E5 . Olympus

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Thanks to Olympus Malaysia for allowing me to test out this pre production unit. I have been told Olympus E-5 have excellent performance when come to anti-shake technology which is body integrated Image Stabilization. The new E-5 also latest image engine which is TRUEPIC V+ with fine detail process technology.

A quick check on specification of this machine shows that:


  • Large viewfinder with professional-level coverage of 100% and 1.15x magnification for accurate image control
  • Spotless photography with most effective dust reduction system (Supersonic Wave Filter)
  • Splashproof body and lens system
  • Professional quality shutter life of 150K operations
Image Quality

  • High-performance built-in image stabiliser to stabilise all lenses (up to 5 EV steps) with two modes
  • High Speed 12.3 Megapixel Live MOS sensor
  • High image quality with a variety of bright dedicated-to-digital ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses
  • TruePic V+ image processor

  • High-resolution 3 inch 921000 dots Dual Axis Swivel Hyper Crystal LCD
  • Dramatic Tone Art Filter and 9 additional Art Filters give endless imaging ideas
  • Nine aspect ratios
  • Built-in Wireless flash control with commander function
  • Multi-exposure mode

For this first touch series, I will only test on few aspect on this machine and I will share my experience and feedbacks from the on the field test. I will not provide feature comparison with other brand, I will not test pixel details on how good or who have better pixel quality picture as well. I must admit that I have no experience handling olympus E system before, the last I tried during photo exhibition booth is E-1 series which is quite impress with toughness of this machine. E-5 offer almost same confident build to me too.

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Renowned for its creative and innovative technology advancements, Olympus’ new range of digital cameras and accessories continue to receive prestigious awards, with the latest ones from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

The two awards, namely the European All-Weather Compact Camera 2010-2011 and the European Micro System Lens 2010-2011,  were awarded to the Olympus μ TOUGH-8010 and Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm lens,  respectively.  The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens is part of the Micro Four-Thirds lens system designed for the Olympus prize-winning PEN cameras.  In addition, the PEN system’s E-PL1 won the TIPA and the Red Dot Product Design Awards earlier this year.

Commenting on these significant international awards, managing director of Olympus Malaysia, Mr Tan Tick Boon, said, “The Olympus μ TOUGH-8010 is an ideal compact camera for anyone, not only for those who prescribe to an active outdoors lifestyle.  What’s more, this model is also designed with elegant lines and suitable for carrying it around anytime, anywhere.  It’s perfect for individuals as well as for families with small children who love to capture interesting moments, either still photos or HD quality movies.  And the beauty is that one need not fear that the camera will be spoilt if dropped, as it is tough to such mishandlings.”

The unique features of being Waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof assure the camera’s tough reliability, even to the point of being able to withstand the extremely cold weather of the world’s highest mountain, none other than Mount Everest.

This was tested to the maximum during the last Merdeka de Everest climb in 2007, wherein the Malaysian team were still able to capture good snaps under the -40°C freezing conditions.

“Olympus is proud to be the official Camera sponsor for Perdana de Everest – Tibet 2011 climb. Of course, the jury recognised that the μ TOUGH-8010 offers much more than durability. EISA also picked out the image stabilisation system that delivers sharp results in low light, the camera’s 14 Megapixel resolution and the impressive 5x optical zoom.  Thus, Olympus is indeed very proud to be bestowed with the European All-Weather Compact Camera 2010-2011 award.

“The European Micro System Lens 2010-2011 award which was accorded to the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm 4-5.6 lens recognises an outstanding accessory for Micro Four Thirds system camera. With its compact size and super wide-angle capability, it offers a 100° angle of view that delivers the coverage you would expect from an 18-36mm lens on a full-frame system.

“Being surprisingly lightweight and compact, it underlines the exception to the rule that super-wide angle zooms have to be big and heavy.  The modest dimensions of the lens match the PEN system concept that combines SLR image quality with the pocket size, simplicity and multimedia features of a compact digital camera, including High Definition movie capture. It has an extremely fast and almost silent focusing system, which makes it an ideal lens for video recording as well,” explained Mr Tan.

The EISA awards are bestowed annually by panelists representing more than 50 prominent photo, video, audio, home theatre and mobile electronics magazines from up to 20 European countries. EISA recognises the features most likely to be appreciated by an enthusiastic and discerning public seeking high -quality and creative facilities.


Olympus Pen E-P2 launched!!!

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Five months after launched of E-P1, Olympus decided to launch updated version with few interesting features and art filter. Those who wonder whether E-P1 will be discontinued? The answer is no, Olympus will sell along with E-P1 especially to the fans who like the silver machine which E-P2 didn’t have.

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Olympus Pen E-p2 announcing soon?

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new Olympus Pen will be announced?


olympus pen test shot.

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