[PK Link] Olympics war, apart from medals.. camera as well

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This major events have put the camera into test again, the pros will try their best to capture the best moments base on the limits of their seatings while the camera company trying their best to ensure the photographers did their job.

There are two interesting articles I came across that the write post his share of views on the cameras he use as well as the challenge they faced.

1) The Olympics: A True Test for the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
2) Megapixel men of the mountain – The Winter Olympics and the lengths photographers go to shoot it

The top 2 cameras that were in the spotlights – Canon 1D Mk4 and Nikon D3s, so we did a quick read on few comparisons test results “off the field”

Canon 1D Mark IV vs. Nikon D3S – Evaluating Prints from High ISO Files

another from photographybay as well.

more discussion here


Nikon hit it extreme at iso 102400

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