[PK Link] Behind the scenes of Olympus Pen 48hrs movie challenge

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interesting competition supported by Olympus.

The interesting about this workshop or one of the movie festival is that the speakers share a lot on how the movie can be done in terms of technicality as well as real behind the scenes shooting.

Just hope some major camera brand will make this happen more in South East Asia region.

click more to view the video as well as winning entry.

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[PK Link] Train

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Share with viewer on the two short movie that related to train in New York city. A very good project or idea that hopefully we can see more people doing this kind of project and share with us.

Sub City New York from sarah klein on Vimeo.

TRAIN from Darius Clark Monroe on Vimeo.



[PK Link] Lego camera anyone? 4 x 5 !!!

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very impressive works!

check out the results from this camera made with lego!

more view here:


[PK Link] CapitaLand “Building People” Photography Competition

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You could win a chance to join National Geographic Channel photographer Catherine Karnow on a fabulous CapitaLand photography trail in Singapore in August 2011. 

CapitaLand, one of Asia’s largest real estate companies, and renowned National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow are inviting photography enthusiasts to enter the eagerly anticipated CapitaLand “Building People” Photography Competition. Returning for the second year, this is an exciting campaign for amateur photographers to capture breathtaking images of people’s interactions with CapitaLand buildings.

Your competition entry must feature a CapitaLand building, and reveal how it interacts with the people living, working or shopping there. A judging panel comprising renowned National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow and executives from National Geographic Channel and CapitaLand will evaluate entries on aesthetics, originality and the extent to which the “Building People” theme is captured. The judges will also be looking out for entries which creatively portray the way CapitaLand buildings enhance the landscape and how people interact with the buildings every day.

To enter the competition, simply submit an original photograph with a caption to the special CapitaLand “Building People” Photography Competition website ( from 1 April to 31 May 2011. Please include the fact you are a Photokaki member in your entry details! (The web site features the locations of all CapitaLand buildings to be found in Malaysia).

discussion here:[PK-Link]-CapitaLand-Building-People-Photography-Competition&p=434728


[PK Link] Two weeks after…

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another site that look like big picture style like, feature sad and impactful pictures that featured aftermath japan earthquake.

my prayers and condolences to them.

more pictures :